Schneider Specialized Carriers Inc.


Schneider Specialized Carriers Inc. was set up in 1935 and is the leading provider of premium truckload and intermodal services and will soon be an ISO 9002 certified organization. What with Schneider national already having been ISO 9002 certified on the 20th of July 1998 It is North America's largest private truckload carrier; Schneider National moves freight and where required, creates innovative transportation solutions that are designed to solve customers' transportation needs.
Schneider Specialized Carriers Inc. currently operates Fourteen thousand tractors, forty thousand trailers and has developed partnerships with over six thousand carriers across the country and the boarder. Schneider boasts of having the capability of covering more than five million loaded miles per day and its services are utilized by two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies. Schneider operates through 36 locations in North America.
Schneider National's has a transportation solution that covers every need, so no matter what the shipment, where it has to be shipped and when it needs to get there, Schneider National's got a solution to ensure success, including One-Way, Dedicated, Intermodal, Expedited, Specialized, Bulk, Transloading and Brokerage, as well as shipping solutions in Mexico and Canada.
SchneiderÂâ€Ã¢„¢s commercial fleet expertise extends throughout the whole of North America. Clients have confidence in Schneider for their on-time pick-up and delivery, and outstanding service. The world's largest companies trust Schneider National to deliver their goods and ensure their success.
Schneider Specialized Carriers, Inc. is an industry leader in the transportation of architectural flat glass and other specialized freight. They have been safely and successfully delivering specialized freight such as for more than 20 years with has more than 800 specialized trailers that get to their destinations on time throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, these transport vehicles are operated by  a large team of  500 highly trained and reliable drivers. Schneider Specialized has the experience, equipment and personnel to ensure your successful transportation of glass and other specialized freight.
Schneider National is a major carrier for the automotive freight, newsprint, paper products and consumer goods industries as well and operate across Canada. More than 750 Canadian drivers, mechanics and office associates work out of their Canadian headquarters, which incorporates a state of the art maintenance facility, driver amenities, safety lanes, automatic wash and fueling stations, as well as a highly advanced administrative center.
Dedicated to their mission of safety and courteousness, hustling associates creating solutions that for their customers. Schneider Intermodal offers the fastest delivery in the industry, wider coverage and more delivery options.