Asbury Environmental Services Advanced Environmental Inc.


Asbury Environmental Services (AES) was founded in 1936, much before "pollution" and "environment" became universally recognized words and the company is striving towards preventing the contamination of soil and water and in the transportation cum recycling of hazardous waste.
AES operates a fleet of over 450 vehicles to service the environmental industry, which includes Vacuum Truck services, Roll Off services and Hazardous Waste Container Transportation. The capacity of the first ranges from 2000 to 5000gallons and are available in both black iron and stainless steel; the second type of equipment covers truck, trailers and semi-roll off trailers( rocket launcher style) which can deliver and pick up any style of roll off boxes-from 15 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, with open and closed tops. The final operational containers are pick up equipment used for the same and stake bed trucks to 2 tone bobtail trucks and going on to 18-24 foot bobtail trucks with lift gates. Larger customer requirements are also met as AES operates semi vans ranging 26 to 48 feet which have lift gates too.
AES is also affiliated with DeMenno Kerdoon, a sister concern and the largest petroleum recycling facility in the Western United States, resulting in Asbury becoming a leader in the hazardous waste industry service providerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s list and endowing it with additional resources and stability to meet customer needs. AES amalgamates these, without ignoring the demands of environmental regulation, with new products such as storm water treatment. With over 60 waste oil trucks servicing California, AES has established itself as the largest waste oil and antifreeze hauler in California. Waste oil and antifreeze can be picked up in either drums or bulk in any quantity to be recycled at the DeMenno/Kerdoon (DK) facility in Compton, California. Antifreeze is recycled in to a new product and as Trinity antifreeze.
Commitment is to the environment, to the future of children and to their customers is what guides the underlying values practicable at AES; the ecological importance of the proper disposal of hazardous waste and the prevention of water contamination constantly emphasized by it and for this reason, AES has been providing companies with solutions for proper recycling and disposal of hazardous waste materials for over 65 years.
For AES, protecting the environment today means better preserved resources for a prosperous, improved and healthy tomorrow.