ConAgra Inc


Gilbert C. Van Camp, an Indianapolis grocer and once a tinsmith, created a new canned food staple and secures an army contract for it. Van Camp's Pork and Beans helps sustain Union troops in the war zone during the Civil War. As part of ConAgra Foods portfolio of brand favorites, it is well known as the number one pork and bean products selling in the in the U.S. market today.
ConAgra Foods is amongst the largest packaged foods companies in North America with major presence in retail outlets, foodservice and restaurants, and in ingredients. Under the able leader ship of Gary Rodkin, ConAgra Foods president and CEO.
Over several years, ConAgra Foods has transformed itself into an industry leading, branded, and value-added food company. ConAgra Foods recently announced its plans for realignment from three operating channels to two, with the previous ConAgra Foodservice merging with ConAgra Food Ingredients to form ConAgra Foods Commercial Products. These two primary business segments, Consumer Foods and Commercial Products, make them the right kind of Food Company to satisfy the needs of customers and consumers.
Ultragrain is a part of ConAgra Foodservice products for school lunches, including The Max pizzas and El eXtremo burritos. Companies buy Ultragrain and include it in their products. It's also added to some Kid Cuisine and Chef Boyardee products
Network of 14 state-of-the-art production distribution mixing centers integrates and consolidates inventory control, order fulfillment, shipping and logistics functions. Not too long ago, these were spread out among several hundred-distribution facilities.
Great employees deserve a very strong support system. That's why ConAgra Foods provides its teams with a flexible benefits package and a family-friendly work environment. Employees can choose from a whole list of benefits that best suit their individual or family needs. All ConAgra Foods employees have the option of choosing and contributing to plans for 401(k) with company match, PPO, HMO or POS health coverage, dental coverage and vision coverage. In addition, ConAgra Foods fully pays for pension, basic employee life insurance and employee accidental death and dismemberment insurance.
Behind ConAgra Foods success is the hard and dedicated work of all the staff  who relentlessly work to keep the company at the fore front of the foods industry, added to this are the resources, stability, knowledge and expertise of ConAgra Foods, one of America's largest and most trusted food companies.