Eugene Sand & Gravel Inc.


Eugene Sand & Gravel's product line includes aggregates used as base rock in roads, parking lots, driveways and highways. Eugene Sand & Gravel Inc has a large variety of sand products including mason sand, pipe bedding, sand for golf courses, playgrounds, horse arenas, and gardening projects.
Eugene Sand & Gravel has been bringing quality sand and gravel products to the community for over one hundred years. Many of Eugene's concrete streets were built in the early 1920's with sand and gravel products provided by Eugene Sand & Gravel. Most of these streets remain in service today and continue to provide long lasting service. ES&G believes that safety comes first and it extends to their people, their customers, their suppliers and their community. Resulting from this, commitments are work practices and procedures that combine the most efficient and cost effective construction methods with the highest level of safety possible.
ES&G's Construction Department specializes in all types of construction site work - stripping, clearing and grading, underground utilities and asphalt paving. They also supply sand and gravel products, ready-mix concrete and asphalt paving products. ES&G also serve as a contractor for public and private civil construction projects.
Eugene Sand & Gravel offers a variety of products and services to construction professionals as well as the general public. Eugene Sand & Gravel's main plant is located on Delta Highway at the Beltline and Willamette River and is surrounded by a buffer of trees. This site houses their retail and wholesale sand, loam, gravel, asphalt and concrete sales departments as well as Construction, Fleet Repair and Quality Control Departments.
Eugene Sand employs approximately 150 people round the year. ES&GÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Project Management Structure includes a group of people with a total 348 years of employment at Eugene Sand & Gravel, an average of 27 years per person. Eugene Sand & Gravel uses its people resources to provide a majority of construction work on its projects with its own crews. This allows more flexibility in scheduling and control of quality of the completed product.
ES&G have a great tradition and reputation for being at the top of their industry. They set high standards and continually challenge themselves to improve. Their mission is: "To be the Premier Supplier of Products and Service in Our Industry."