Furman Foods Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Furman Food Inc. offers products that are part of a healthy lifestyle. FumanoÂâ€Ã¢„¢s cares about health and provides delicious and naturally good food. Based in the fertile Susquehanna Valley of Central Pennsylvania, Furmano's offers a wide assortment of delicious, nutritious tomatoes, beans, vegetables and salads. 
  John Wesley Furman and his wife, Emma started Furman Foods. First year production was 360 glass jars of tomatoes - canned by J.W., Emma, and their six children. The first frame building was constructed for canning equipment. Peas, beans, corn, and mixed vegetables were added to the Furman line. The 2nd generation of Furman runs the family business with the formation of J.W. Furman cannery and expands operations to add industrial-size cans for food service. 
  The fresh packed: Three Bean Salad, Four Bean Salad and Italian Style Bean Salad are excellent examples of important attributes. Furmano starts with fresh (not from frozen) cut green, wax or Roma beans. Then they carefully blend them with red kidney beans, also chick peas in our four-bean blend, savory seasonings, fresh diced onions, and diced red bell peppers to create superior quality bean salads. FurmanÂâ€Ã¢„¢s bean salads are vibrant rich colors, firm texture, and attractive blend of beans delivers the taste and appetite appeal desire, with ready-to-serve. 
  Furmano's canned tomatoes are harvested at the peak of quality and canned within hours of picking - sealing in the nutrients. These nutrients remain stable even after 2 years of storage. Meanwhile, "fresh" tomatoes are often picked before they're ripe and may spend as many as 7-14 days in transit before they even hit the supermarket. According to a Steel Packing Council survey of 1997, 68% of chefs use canned tomatoes for convenience, quality and flavoring. 
  There are many benefits provided for employees such as Benefit include Competitive pay rate, Health insurance, Vacation/Personal/Holiday, 401(k), Profit Sharing and Employee Stock Ownership Plan. 
  By exceeding customers' expectations in food products and services, Furmano ensures of utilizing its strengths, values, and people, to drive a consistently a profitable, growth-oriented organization.