Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company (HC&S) is Hawaii's one of the largest producer of raw sugar, accounting for over 60% of all of the State's sugar. HC&S grow sugarcane on 37,000-acre central Maui plantation and process the cane in its Puunene mill. HC&S is one of the largest employers on Maui with over 900 employees. HC&S is a division of A&B-Hawaii, Inc., one of the two principal operating subsidiaries of Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. Among their sister A&B companies are Matson Navigation Company, A&B Properties, and Kauai Coffee Company. HC&S also produces Premium Raw Sugar products under its Maui Brand Hawaiian Raw Sugar label.
 There was HC&S with cane lands in Central Maui and a factory at Puunene; and Maui Agricultural Co. (MA Co.), growing cane in the east and uplands and with a factory in Paia. Sugar history was made in 1948, when these two plantations merged, creating one of the largest sugar producers in the United States. Playing an important role in HC&S history was Frank F. Baldwin, who led the plantation with distinction and devotion over five decades. HC&S raw sugar is shipped to Crockett, California for refining. It then goes to market in the western two-thirds of the United States under the C&H cane sugar label. Molasses is also marketed on the mainland, while a small amount is sold directly to Maui cattle feeders. HC&S also produces premium raw sugars under its Maui Brand Hawaiian Raw Sugar label. Maui Brand Hawaiian Raw Sugar comes in two varieties, Natural Hawaiian Raw Sugar and Premium Hawaiian Turbinado. HC&S cultivates over 37,000 acres of sugarcane, harvesting about half each year. HC&S produces over 200,000 tons of raw sugar and more than 70,000 tons of molasses annually.
The HC&C operations can be classified in four different categories:
HC&S generates its own electric power, primarily from renewable sources, in two steam and three hydroelectric plants. The primary fuel used in the steam plants is bagasse, the fiber residue of the cane plant.
 HC&S produce over 200,000 tons of raw sugar annually. Their principal businesses are the growing and milling of sugarcane; production of raw sugar, molasses, and specialty sugar; and the generation and sale of electricity. HC&S turns about 500,000 tons of bagasse into power annually.