Hershey Creamery Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Hershey Creamery Company is one of America's oldest ice cream manufacturers, offering  premium Hershey's Ice Cream hand-dipped, pre-packaged and novelty marketing programs designed for easy use and high profitability in any food service, restaurant, educational institutions, in-plant or military feeding operation.
 Jacob N. Hershey (no relation to the Hershey Food Corporation family) founded the company in 1894 by which is operated today by the Holder family who have been involved in it since the mid 1920's. Steady growth over 106 years has made Hershey Creamery Company one of the leading premium ice cream companies in the eastern U.S.-its Premium Ice Cream now sold in more than 25,000 retail outlets in 20 states.
 It was due to The Great Depression that Hershey's became the first manufacturer to offer pre-packaged pints of ice cream and those "carry-out" pints and half gallons started a whole new tradition in the lives of all Americans. The American love affair with ice cream grew and with it, so did the company for few there were that could resist the sweet treat that the constant upgrading and experimentation of new flavors offered them! Expanding, modernizing, and always developing the novel varieties to keep those ice cream lovers happy were the HersheyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s mantra that brought it success and loyal patronage.
 Hershey's hand made (dipped), pre-packaged and novelty programs offer a wonderful chance to operators for profitably integrating Hershey's Premium Ice Cream products into any food service operation having sold over 60 million servings of the ice cream to satisfied customers in 2000, the Hershey's pre-packaged program is presently used in more than 25,000 locations. The triple programs are successful because Hershey's provides free use of equipment, a wide range of quality products, full marketing support as well as freezer maintenance help with its service distribution units. The products available in the premium range are: 3 gallon cans of Premium Gold, Ice- no sugar is added to these. Additionally there is Yogurt, Sherbet, Ice Sorbet too as well as Half Gallons, Square Pints, Novelties, Sherbet Quarts and Single Serve Slices(Individual) in the range.
 The unique network of the company owned distribution centers and trucks keeps the retailers well stocked and assures total quality control while Hershey CreameryÂâ€Ã¢„¢s modern production and new storage facilities give ample proof of its dedication to continued profitable growth and expansion.