Holland Transfer Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Established in the year 1908 by S.R. Holland, Holland Transfer Company is one of the oldest carriers in the state of Carolina. The management team represents over 158 years of experience in diverse functions like trucking, warehousing and distribution and strives towards integration of the same: regular efforts to provide innovative logistical solutions to help customers maximize efficiency while giving them the best possible deal.
 Holland Transfer Company meets all possible needs: from delivering goods directly to customers to transporting parts from storage to the manufacturing facility by providing just-in-time delivery. Holland Transfer Company has the flexibility to establish a routine pickup/ delivery schedule with your business, from once a week, to once every three hours. The fleet of vehicles available ranges from vans to tractor trailers, allowing Holland Transfer team to accept shipments of all sizes.
 Success is linked with dependability for the company is very reliable and its customers know this fact reflected in all aspects of the business; be it the on time pick up and delivery, or the weekly/daily deliveries or need for customized transportation to be met. In special cases where expedite services are called for, Holland Transfer comes up with logistical solutions to ensure successful emergency service also. There is a 99.9percent claim free delivery record held by the company and in no small part are the drivers responsible for this feat. The relationship that Holland Transfer Company has with other national companies is another helpful factor when an outer state delivery in a small time is required.
 The aptly named Thunderbolt division of the Holland Transfer Company is able to respond quickly to emergency shipment requests within a designated territory, sometimes as little as 30 minutes is all they require to show up at your doorstep.
 An impeccable record that the company has held fast to for over 90 years shows the level of dependability established with years of experience and commitment towards ensuring that shipments reach their destination both safely and timely. The company credits its loyal employees who have been associated with it for several years as individual efforts combined with team spirit and dedicated work is what has helped Holland Transfer Company earn the reputation for being a reliable service provider.