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Kutzler Express, Inc., was founded in 1982 to continue a trucking legacy that originally began in 1928.  Their primary area of operation spans a radius of 150 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin. They also service a longer range of 350 miles, going into Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.Kutzler has received the Midwest Truckload Carrier of the Year Award by S.C. Johnson, A Family Company, and by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. a number of times for outstanding service to its customers. The company is large enough to meet or exceed any of the requirements a customer can possibly demand of carriers, yet small enough to provide personal service to each and every customer.Kutzler Express has a fully computerized information system that enables Dispatch, Operations, Maintenance and Administration to quickly and accurately dispatch, analyze and process data for the ultimate in customer satisfaction and service. Additionally, the companies Dispatchers are real people (not computers) who know and understand the customers and their needs.Kutzler Express believes in their employees continuing their education and training, enabling the company to provide the customer base with the utmost professional service topped by a courteous attitude.
Kutzler Express, Inc. offers a range of services ranging from spotting to local and regional freight. Spotting services are an integral part of their operations. Kutzler Express provides the labor, equipment, expertise, and the much needed  integrity to handle all  spotting needs. The company has a large fleet of well-maintained tractors and trailers that are continuously being upgraded and expanded. They have dry, insulated, refrigerated and heated trailers available for every need. They are also experienced in hazmat transportation and are a fully insured hazmat carrier. From Protect-from-Freezing to Air Ride Trailers, the company ensures that your products meet and maintain all criteria while in transit to final destination. The company drivers are D.O.T. tested, and are required to undergo in-house certification by an award winning Safety Department.Kutzler Express, Inc. is recognized as one of the safest carriers in the trucking industry. Kutzler Express has earned an excellent reputation among insurers and regulators and strive to keep their place in the industry through dedicated and integrated service.