LTI Inc.


Started as a Lynden operating company, LTI, Inc. spun off from Lynden Transport in early 1983 to form two divisions, Milky Way and LTI, Inc.'s special commodities. The

business operated from Lynden, Washington in the former offices of Lynden 
Transport, that the local residents knew for many years as LTI. The new operating company adopted the familiar nickname, incorporating itself as LTI, Inc.
 Today LTI, Inc. still specializes in the transport and handling of dry-and liquid- 
bulk commodities and since we're one of the Lynden family of companies, you'll 
find our traditional values, integrity, efficiency and personal service that gave 
Lynden its start and earned it the reputation it enjoys today.
LTI, Inc. offers specialized services in the transport of liquid and dry-bulk commodities in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Their tankers are designed to control temperature and maintain products temperature up to 400 degrees F. LTI, Inc. has a fleet of dedicated tank trailers for the sanitary transport of fruit juices, concentrates, pure water, wines, fresh raspberries and other delicate edibles at just the right temperature. 
The services offered by the company include transportation of edible commodities. LTI, Inc. leaves no effort when it comes to protecting your products and reputation with a
fleet of year-round dedicated tank trailers that are specifically designed for the transport of edible and seasonal crops in the Pacific Northwest. For protection, their custom built corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tank interiors can assure a hygienic environment for your products. Each year the company responds to many Washington farmers' needs by hauling their delicate goods with care and safety, along with the proper assurance of a maintained temperature and sanitary environment for these goods.
Liquid and Dry Bulk Commodities are also transported with the same level of dedication and quality services that has turned the transportation of sensitive liquid commodities into a science. Their custom-built, quality stainless-steel tanks, which mostly exceed all DOT requirements, are designed to maintain elevated temperature materials at an even temperature of over 400 degree's F, over long hauls. 
Their have highly skilled personnel in all fields, specially designed equipment tailored for job demands and Innovative safety solutions.  To take the burden of transport worries off your shoulders so you can rest assured that your cargo will reach itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s destination safely and in time.