Mci Express Inc


MCI Express has been serving the United States, Canada and Mexico since 1973 with immediate customer response and superior trucking services. They use cutting edge technology for monitoring, like the QualComm satellite tracking system which helps them to live up to their commitment of on-time direct delivery for time-sensitive LTL or truck load shipments-at a competitive price- made possible with a modern fleet of over 200 for any kind of air-rides.
 The company offers diverse services and holds Common, Contact and Broker Authority under the Interstate Commerce Commission regulations  to operate anywhere in the contiguous 48 states, Canada and Mexico through the gateway city of Laredo and it is a customs bonded and Haz-Mat certified carrier; providing all services expected of a national carrier, including warehousing and storage.
Two terminals at Miami, Florida and Laredo, Texas-enable MCI to provide first-class service anywhere for pick up or delivery and the company has developed many business relationships in both Canada and Mexico too. Additionally, to fulfill demands in these growing marketplaces, it employs bilingual professionals and regulatory experts well-versed in the practices and cultures of these diverse regions.
 There are very strict qualifications for the drivers to be associated with the company which goes a long way in ensuring dependability and a smooth ride for the freight. Highly skilled mechanics having the right knowledge, experience and facilities to keep equipment running smoothly work in tandem with the drivers to make MCI Express one of the safest truck fleets on the road today.
The company has a direct delivery service for quality and timely shipping which eliminates errors and gives the flexibility to expedite time-sensitive shipment at almost half the time taken by other LTL carriers at the same price for customers.
 MCI Express Inc. has a single goal: save customer valuable time and money. The customer is assured peace of mind while transportation objectives are being met through a nationwide network, extensive resources and leading edge technology blended with expert knowledge of the trucking industry and more than 100 years combined experience – unarguably, a complete solution for all possible trucking needs.