Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage Co.


Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage Company is a diversified transportation company with headquarters offices located in Helena, Montana. Two brothers, Arthur and Nick Mergenthaler started the business in March 1934. A short time later, Nick Mergenthaler purchased a dairy farm and sold his portion of the business to Art.
 At the beginning, the company consisted of one 1933 Dodge half-ton pickup with a canopy valued at $100. The income was from delivering grocery orders for Brown low Grocery, Helena Avenue Meats, and Hennessy's Grocery for a charge of five cents per stop. Many orders had one hundred pound sacks of sugar, flour or potatoes, kerosene for lanterns, and groceries. The business went along for a few years doing similar work, growing a bit but still involved in small package delivery. 
The Company acquired a few contracts with the U.S. government in 1981 to transport telephone installation equipment from Utah to various points in Montana.
 Today, Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage serves Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Utah for U.S. West. U.S. West worked as the catalyst for Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage to reenter the freight business. 
 Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage's household goods and furniture operations continue to be the main activity of the Company. These services account for 41% of the total company revenue and has continued to grow. With household goods and moving operations in four locations, Bozeman, Kalispell, Salt Lake City, and Helena, Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage continues to be one of the largest van line's within the State of Montana. The Salt Lake City office was opened in January 1997. This facility has the potential to be bigger than all six Montana local companies combined.