Owens & Minor distribution

By: Bubbajunk.com

Owens & Minor is a supply-chain solutions company and the nation's leading distributor of branded medical and surgical supplies. Through its extensive distribution network, diverse product offering and expertise in technology, logistics and supply-chain management, Owens & Minor serves more than 4,000 acute-care patients nationwide. 
With all possible collaboration to meet customer needs, the three primary businesses of Owens & Minor work independently or collaboratively to address any specific customer needs, whether for basic distribution management or for innovative logistics consulting or outsourcing engagements. Owens & Minor's diverse service offerings provide customers with the range of solutions they need to streamline their supply chain.The core distribution business that For more a century, Owens & Minor has engaged in for more than a century being surgical and medical supply distribution, developing an unparalleled level of customer-service and supply-chain experience in healthcare. Presently they handle more than 4 billion Dollars in distribution business annually, using state-of-the-art forecasting and planning systems to ensure that customers have the products they require and when they require them. Owens & Minor has the capability to respond to any customer be it to simply deliver products more efficiently, or to design a customized delivery system from bulk distribution to low unit of measure, just-in-time or stockless services.  Through OMSolutions, Owens & Minor is expanding its portfolio of supply-chain services to reach far beyond the conventional boundaries of physical distribution. With a vast storehouse of logistics expertise and technological capabilities, OMSolutions supports customers who want to maximize operational efficiencies and cost savings in a broad range of supply chain activities such as ordering, product standardization, contract compliance and management of product inventories. Using existing and customized solutions, OMSolutions targets the supply chain of a hospital to help eliminate redundancy and other inefficiencies, putting the right products, technology, processes and people, to work in the right places at the right time. OMSolutions offers a full complement of consultation and implementation services ranging, for instance, from business planning, benchmarking and total operating room redesign, to management all of a hospital's supply chain activities.