Jack Cooper Transport acquired and maintains a solid reputation in the auto transport industry for more than 70 years.  With its famous acquisition of Pacific Motor Transport back in 1988, Jack Cooper Transport (JCT/PMT) is a major carrier of new and preowned vehicles across the West and Midwest.Jack Cooper's grandson; Thom Cooper, Jr., presently owns and operated the company and has the authority to operate in the continental United States utilizing twelve terminal facilities located throughout the Midwest and West. The  acquisitions of United Transports, Inc. in 1984  and Pacific Motor Trucking Co. in 1988 enabled vast territorial expansion over the past years. With the purchase of United Transports, Inc., an Oklahoma City based carrier, JCT tripled in size by adding six terminals to its system along with two General Motors Assembly Plants. Upon the procurement of Pacific Motor Trucking Co., a West Coast auto transport company, seven terminals and two additional assembly plants were added. The acquisition of the Leeds Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Missouri, it has grown to its present position in the market.
With highly skilled and experienced drivers who never deviate from professional behavior and a fleet of over 800 trucks consisting primarily of new, state-of-the-art Quickloader equipment, JCT/PMT has set the standard in the auto transport industry for timely, damage-free delivery of vehicles. Damage frequency at all JCT/PMT locations was less than the goal established by General Motors, their largest customer. In fact, the cost of claims incurred by JCT/PMT is one of the lowest in the industry. Low damage frequency and an extraordinary on-time delivery record is just a couple of the reasons why General Motors has presented to JCT/PMT numerous quality awards over the years, including recognition as Carrier of the Year and in addition, General Motors in recognition of outstanding overall quality performance, application of innovative strategies, continuous improvement, and customer responsiveness presented an Outstanding Carrier Award.