A Graziano Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

A. Graziano Inc is the source for concrete, landscape materials, sand & stone.
Concrete is sold by the strength in pounds per square inch or psi. Around 2000 psi concrete in years past was considered normal for footings and foundations, but these days it is considered low strength. A 3000 psi concrete is the most common for residential foundations, footings, walkways and patios that will only have foot traffic. A 4000 psi concrete would be used on driveways or when specified on commercial jobs and 5000 psi concrete is mainly an industrial strength concrete that is specified for special jobs. CDF (Controlled Density Fill) is a very low strength concrete used as a backfill in trenches or to fill footings. It has the same strength as compacted gravel.
Concrete preservatives are put in the concrete to help the workability of the concrete and to help extend concrete life. Couple of preservatives is always added to the concrete at Graziano Concrete at no extra cost. There are preservative to make the concrete cure faster or slower depending on individual needs.
A. Graziano Inc. also uses the Plant Pricing System. The customer is charged a basic rate for the concrete depending on the strength. A trucking charge is added depending on how far the truck has to travel. When the truck reaches the job site and when it starts pouring, the customer is charged around one dollar per minute until the job is done or the truck empties out. The reason for the per minute charge is to try to get the truck returned as soon as possible.
For Concrete preservatives, one requires many items like sand, stone, etc. If the customer is mixing a small amount of concrete and need a little sand to mix it with Graziano provides that. If customer wants it mixed in a small amount of mortar for a brick or stonewall job Graziano also provides that. Graziano has stone ranging in sizes from 3/8" to rip rap. For filling a drainage trench, placing stone under a foundation or concrete floor stones are required, and one can find attractive stone in variety of colors and sizes in garden center.
CustomerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s who needs mixed concrete; A. Graziano Inc. is the right place to contact.