A J Weigand Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

 In 1933, Adam J. Weigand began his trucking operations in Dover, Ohio, with a small dump truck to haul bulk materials and coal in and around Tuscarawas County, Ohio. By 1945, the company grew and got incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio and obtained I.C.C. authority and P.U.C.O. authority for building materials, liquid chemicals, and general freight. Over the next 50 years, A.J. Weigand, Inc. grew and diversified and is today the leader in specialty chemical transportation, its sole mission being to safely ship chemicals in a timely and courteous manner.
Specializing in liquid chemical transportation, the company services some of the largest chemical companies in the United States and Canada and since traffic lanes between the Midwest, Southeast and East Coast have been emphasized, the company has developed a reputation as a fair, reliable and responsive transporter of specialty liquid chemicals at a moderate price through the effective use of safety-conscious professional drivers who are skilled in Bulk Liquid Transportation. The clean, well-maintained fleet equipment and proximity to local Terminals where customers need service have clearly demonstrated, central dispatch and data processing locations. Ever efficient and customer-oriented office staff whose knowledge and information is enhanced by the latest computer technology supports the driving force and the sales force: analytical, mechanical and electrical expertise meets the varied needs of the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s equipment as does the tank wash crew whose product knowledge and cleaning standards prepare tanks for the next load.
Control of operations is centralized at A J Weigand headquarters in Dover, Ohio and all customers and drivers deal with the same office.  It is probable this operating strategy that allows the company to maximize equipment utilization size and centralization give them a distinct advantage over larger competitors in terms of service, responsiveness, and information flow.
The company has developed quality benchmarks based on computer information database so they can track on-time deliveries, service standards and their underlying reason(s) apart from being able to track billing questions, miles and revenue per mile. Through this information, they can also track driver earnings per mile, accident-free miles and thus prepare a wide variety of reports and graphs for performance appraisals and identify trends before they become major problems. Results are positive each time: professional, experienced driver arriving for pickup and delivery on time, with the right equipment, a clean trailer, a well maintained tractor and a safely transported product ensures customer smiles each time.