Allen Foods is now called as US Foodservice Allen St. Louis.


U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ is one of the leading broad line foodservice distributors in the United States, with yearly revenues exceeding $17 billion. Our corporate office is strategically positioned between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, in one of the fastest growing business corridors in the country - Columbia, Maryland. With over 100 distribution centers nationwide, U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ is conveniently located for quick and easy, local access for all existing and potential customers.

U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ believes that yesterday, today, and tomorrow, our success depends upon our customers' success. That's why U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ works hard to nurture the very best customer relations - our goal is to be the industry leader.

U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ achieves this ambitious goal by stocking a broad selection of products so we can always give customers what they need. We also provide attentive customer assistance in planning and marketing, and we incorporate the latest advances in technology to improve the customer's bottom line. When we proclaim that "U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ wants to be your business partner to help your business grow ..." we mean it!
U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ Markets and distributes more than 43,000 national, private label and signature brand items across America; Supports over 250,000 foodservice customers, including restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, cafeterias and schools; Employs more than 29,500 foodservice professionals; and Embraces a customer base of independent and chain businesses.
U.S.FoodserviceÂâ„¢ offers a wide variety of brand name products to make sure that all of your needs, small and big, are taken care of. Everything from fine dining ingredients and prepared entrées, to kitchen utilities and equipment, we have the brands to best suit all of your specific requirements: Some brands are Advance Food Company, Barber Foods, Classic Tureen®, Douwe Egberts, Eastern Shore Seafood, Georgia Pacific, Handgards, Ken's Foods, Inc., Lamb Weston, Magnifry®, Next Day Gourmet®, Orchestral®, Pacific Jade®, Rich's, Simplot®, Thirster®, Vanee

QUINTESSENTIAL® magazine is a quarterly publication that will help keep you up-to-date with the latest food and market trends and industry developments. HEALTHNEXT® magazine is published three times a year and features articles focused on healthcare foodservice management needs.

To Your Taste® is a recipe program that presents foodservice operators with wonderful new ways to prepare food. The items cover a broad selection ranging from exotic presentations like Tangy Mandarin Stir Fry, to new twists in preparing Baked Boneless Chicken. These fresh recipes alert customers to new food trends and serve as a resource for adding variety to your menu planning. The exciting array of changing recipes can also be keyed to special promotions.

At U.S. Foodservice Healthcare Group, we understand healthcare and the challenges you face. We have the expertise and tools to help you effectively manage your food-service operations and reach the highest levels of efficiency.

At U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢, we are committed to providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment while maintaining protection for our companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s associates, property and assets. U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ also practices safety and security measures at all distribution facilities, in hiring and training employees, as well as on all vehicles that have contact with product and service that is being presented to the customer.

U.S. Foodservice, the second largest distributorship in the country, is focusing on cold-chain management and cross contamination. We are putting together a food safety awareness campaign to coincide with National Food Safety Education Month, which reinforces the messages that we have been trained, measured and audited against.

Focusing on tomorrow, U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ preserves the best of its heritage and fervent customer-driven focus, while positioning itself as a leader on the cutting edge of the industry, welcoming the challenges of the future. U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ possesses an inspired, contemporary, and innovative vision of the future, but we also maintain a balanced perspective based on our successful, solid business background. Ultimately, the U.S. FoodserviceÂâ„¢ mission is to be best in class in such vital areas as customer relations, distribution, technology, training and employee recruitment and retention.