Aurora Coop Elevator Co


The Aurora Cooperative is a renowned world-class, multi-purpose agricultural cooperative establishment started in 1908 with the aim to provide service and expertise in grain, agronomy, feed and energy. With the main office located in Aurora, Nebraska, there have locations in 27 communities in south central Nebraska and northern Kansas. The company has approximately 300 employees and achieves an annual sales target of 290 million Dollars.
Among the services offered are agronomic services which include soil sampling. Aurora Cooperative offers several types of soil and water sampling for farming operation. The company offers general soil sampling services, deep nitrate sampling, row crop sampling, grid sampling, and water nitrate testing. The company also offers insect scouting and irrigation scheduling throughout the summer months.
Among the services that cover Livestock requirements the Aurora Cooperative's Feed Division has a full line of cattle supplements for feeding stock cows and calves in the pasture. This includes liquid, cubes, or protein blocks for supplementing the cows and calves, creep feed for the calves and a full line of stock cow minerals and special order minerals.

The fuel product types offered by the company include; Ruby FieldMaster is a D grade fuel with a unique additive package and only available through cooperatives. Low Sulfur, X-Grade (#2) Diesel Fuel, Y-Grade (#1) Diesel Fuel Used in cold weather, High Sulfur Diesel FuelÂâ€Ãƒ‚¦. Not Recommended,
Aurora Cooperative is also dedicatedly into real farm research which is designed to do real research on real farms, The Company prides itself in doing research directly on the farm the products are developed for. Growing conditions constantly change and the grower is depending on us for real information that can increase their profit margins.
With this type of dedication and hard work the company is poised for future growth that will give their competitors a run for their money – and customers.