Gaines Motor Lines Inc


Forest Gaines started his company more than 50 years ago with only one truck and one trailer. Today his sons Dennis and Tim oversee the family business with deep-rooted understanding of the philosophy that Forest established years ago. And that philosophy is: "Do whatever has to be done to satisfy the customer" Over the years the company has grown to include terminals located in the southeast and northeast. These terminals are convenient to the textile industry and other types of manufacturing companies who rely on Gaines Motor Lines for service. The home office is in Hickory, North Carolina, and is designed to accommodate customer service staff, drivers, and garage personnel. The company currently covers Alabama, Georgia, through the Carolinas, into Virginia and north through eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York metro area, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and selected points in New Hampshire.
The services that the company provides its ever increasing customer base includes two day services between Alabama, Georgia, Carolinas, and selected points in southern Virginia to eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey/New York metro area, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. It also offers a next day service from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to eastern points in Pennsylvania and the New Jersey/New York metro area. Next day service is also provided between southern Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and selected points in Alabama. Special services are also offered such as Consolidation Service. Service to and from California on LTL Shipments from the Gaines coverage with partner Cross Country Transport, Inc.

Service from the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and southern Virginia to Canada with partner TransX.
With more than 50 years of experience as a premier provider of transportation and related services to the textile and other time sensitive industries, Gaines motor lines inc.continues to operate with a clearly defined purpose. Gaines Motor Lines Inc is committed to meeting the unique demands of the industry in a timely and profitable manner, with an on-going emphasis on reliable service that exceeds all customer expectations.