Hamm & Phillips Svc Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Hamm & Phillips Service Company was founded in Ringwood, Oklahoma in 1966 and was originally called Harold Hamm Tank Truck Service and the company started with humble beginnings and owned only one Bobtail Ford truck.

Since its inception the company has shown a constant and steady growth. The growth continued through the oil "bust" in the 1980's, mainly because of a sound conservative business practice, and the till date the growth continues.  Hamm & Phillips services extend to Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle, SW Kansas, and the tri-state area of North and South Dakota and Montana.

The company offers services in the areas of fresh water, plug mud, 10.2 saltwater, frac tanks and flow back tanks, transports, bobtails, hoteliers, and kill trucks available, water pumping service to fill frac tanks and frac pits, weighted drilling fluids available at Thomas, Weatherford and Cheyenne.

The company has in its inventory over 300 pieces of equipment which include: vacuum trucks, winch trucks, frac tanks, dozers and backhoes to instantly respond to any environmental need. Every unit is equipped with a 2-way radio or cellular phone. Each crewmember is in constant radio contact with the Incident Coordinator back at base.
The companies fully equipped 43' Command Trailer pulls onto the spill site ready for action with self-contained generator power, complete communications center, video and photo equipment and remediation equipment for any size job.

The company also has an environmental emergency response system in place right from clean up to disposal, ETO launches into action with Booms, Skimmers, Boats, Vacuum Trucks, Dozers, Backhoes, and Aerial Site Surveillance.
Company offers its employees excellent working conditions, training, competitive salary, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, excellent Safety Incentive Program, paid vacation, 401k plan, cafeteria plan, employee assistance program, uniforms and short term disability allowance.
Hamm & Phillips cares for its employees as much as it cares for itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s customers. Because happy employees make for happy customers.