Herzog Contracting Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Herzog Companies specialize in railroad and rail transit construction and operation, rail flaw detection, highway and airport construction, aggregate material production, contract operation of sanitary landfills and resource recovery projects; experiencing constant growth since it began operation in 1969 as a regional Heavy/Highway contracting company.
The key factor in Herzog's growth and stability is its young, aggressive management team which applies a cost effective and timely approach to the completion of each project. On-the-job safety for its employees is of primary concern to Herzog management and a qualified, full-time safety staff administers the company's pro-active safety policy while monitoring its application on job sites throughout the country.

Herzog Contracting Company provides many types of services, such as Transit Operations, Railroad Services, Railroad Construction, Civil Construction and in response to the needs of railroad customers, the company has been working relentlessly to raise its capabilities and being able to provide safer, more cost competitive and efficient methods of performing work; this has resulted in the development of specialized maintenance of way equipment.

The company is committed to expanding business at national as well as international level and to achieve this goal, it continues to invest large sums of money towards specialized maintenance of way equipment which is deigned, built and operated by Herzog. Responding to the industryÂâ€Ã¢„¢s need for a safe and economical method of loading/unloading cross ties, the company has designed and developed the Car Topper.

Herzog is a patented rail industry service provider that has made progressive changes in the methods of material handling; its services provided by PLUS Train being the most revolutionary ballast system available to the rail industry on a world level: the MPM (multi purpose machine) maintenance provider providing easy and safe handling of labor intensive jobs such as pick up, stacking, distributing ties and OTM as Herzog has a diversified fleet of rail cars which can be used for these purposes and their long and short term leases can be tailored to suit all possible customer needs.