Montana - Dakota Utilities Co


Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. is the distributor for natural gas and provides related value-added products and services in the Northern Great Plains. Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. generates, transmits and distributes electricity while providing related value-added products and services in the Northern Great Plains.
The story takes us back in time to 1924 when a Chicago engineer named R.M. Heskett, representing two Wisconsin businessmen, bought a small electric company along the Montana-North Dakota state line. Heskett was an early advocate of central station power generation and he quickly connected the small farming communities with high voltage transmission lines energized by small power plants. Further expansion seemed imminent and happened as quickly; during the summer of 1926, the company entered the natural gas business with the construction of a 50-mile gas line. This is needed in order to fuel an electric power plant.  Soon enough, natural gas was also made available for local distribution to heat homes and businesses. At that time the company's headquarters were located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
With the passage of time, having serviced most of the area in and around Minneapolis, the company moved its headquarters from Minneapolis to Bismarck, North Dakota in 1968. Today, over 250 communities spread over five states enjoy safe, reliable Montana-Dakota electric or natural gas service; of which a select few communities benefit from both energy products provided by Montana-Dakota.
The company reiterates its intention and goal of being premier utilities providers who can successfully meet with all appliance and service needs of customers. They offer assistance to customers in getting the appliance they could be looking for and will also provide the delivery, installation and financing for it. Montana-Dakota Utilities has a long history of reliability and are in the community to serve it: helping customers with all appliance related needs.