Priority Services Inc


Priority Services, Inc. is a regional trucking carrier serving Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. Priority Services, Inc. specializes in retail distribution.
By 1978, Barb and Bill realized that their converted cross dock trailers were no longer sufficient to handle their growth and purchased their first 10,000 square foot terminal in Franklin Park, Illinois. After the trucking industry was deregulated in 1980, Barb and Bill realized that in order to survive, they would have to become a specialized carrier in the highly competitive transportation industry. They installed a state of the art automated conveyor system with bar code scanning capabilities becoming the first in Chicago to utilize such equipment. They continued to purchase straight trucks and tractor trailers and invested in the most knowledgeable and experienced transportation managers in Chicago.

Since 1993, Priority Services has called 1000 North Villa Avenue in Villa Park, Illinois as their home.
Priority Services, Inc. employs almost 100 of the best, most efficient and competent employees and run 56 trucks making over 500 daily pick ups and deliveries in the Chicagoland area.
Priority Services, Inc. provides more general retail and wearing apparel distribution than any other company in the Chicago, Milwaukee and Northwest Indiana areas and daily service to all major malls and strip centers in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. Priority Services, Inc. also handles carton freight and palletized freight. Full comprehensive and general liability on all business operations. Company has over 40 vehicles, ranging from vans to tractor trailers. There are 100% radio controlled with supervisory back-up.
Priority Services, Inc. mission is to provide the highest quality transportation service, fair pricing, operational integrity and commitment to continuous improvement. Recognizing customers as the foundation Priority Services, Inc. pursue dedication to the customer needs, desires and business objectives. Priority Services, Inc. creates an environment in which their employees strive to meet their fullest potential.