Schwerman Trucking Co.


Schwerman Trucking Co. has been in the Schwerman family for three generations. The family owns and operates the subsidiary, Tankstar USA that began operations with one truck more than ninety three years ago in the year 1913. the company has grown to become one of the largest bulk motor carriers in the nation. In 1946 Fred, Jr., took over the business and spearheaded a major company expansion for the next two decades which took the company to new heights.

The Founder Fred Schwerman, Sr., built his first truck with the intention of transporting farm products to the market but later diversified his services to include a host of other cargos and between 1950 and 1960, Schwerman Trucking became known as the nationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s largest carrier of cement. And through several business acquisitions also became a major transporter of various liquid commodities as well.

The company soon specialized in transport of road building materials and supplies in bulk quantities. Then in 1982, his son Jack Schwerman took over the leadership of the company and has continued to grow and expand the business since. In 1987 the Schwerman family formed a holding company in order to facilitate future growth and diversification in the tank truck segment of the industry. After an exchange of stock that company came to be known as the Tankstar USA and became the owner of Schwerman Trucking Co. Today there are 34 Schwerman Trucking Facilities located through out two thirds of the eastern United States.
Equipment of the Schwerman Trucking Co. includes 1,000 Tractors, 1,940 Trailers, Single Compartment, Insulated and Non-insulated, Stainless Steel Construction, Fiberglass Construction, Internally Lined Tanks, Tight Fill Tanks, Capacity ranging from 3400 to 9500 gallons, Dry Bulk Trailers, 1000 cubic ft capacity, 1500 cubic ft capacity, Container Chassis, Flatbed Trailers and Dump Trailers.
Schwerman Trucking Co. have a determined goal to protect the health of all living creatures in the environment by prevent pollution and enhancing the quality of life by using the most cost effectively pollution free equipment and providing the transportation industry with efficient and quality service.