Transam Trucking Inc.


TransAm Trucking hauled the first load of freight from the Midwest to the East Coast in October 1987. The company started as a contract carrier with 70 tractors and 100 refrigerated trailers. It operated with 48-state authority; however, the service areas were primarily east-west lanes within the eastern two thirds of the country. The company was then based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1990 the company outgrew the office and shop facility in Missouri and moved across the state line to Olathe, Kansas.  A fleet of high cube dry vans were added to the fleet and the lanes of service were greatly expanded. The technology was upgraded in order to provide greater accuracy of detail and improved lines of communication to meet the needs of a new generation in the transportation industry.

Equipped with a  dedicated fleet based in North Carolina in 2001 the company now operates over 100 power units and in 2005 TransAm expanded to the Dallas, TX area opening a new terminal and adding an additional 250 power units. TransAm Trucking has become one of the top carriers in the country today gaining the respect of the industry as a whole. TransAm now has more than 1200 tractors and over 2400 refridgerated trailers. TransAm increases the number of tractors and trailers by 10%-15% each year.

TransAm Trucking offers on time pick-up and delivery service. With the aid of the latest technology of load optimization, load planners they are able to match the optimum load to the best truck within moments. Customer service representatives and load planners monitor loads so that a pro-active approach can be taken to ensure on time pick-up and delivery. Drop and swap capabilities are available in case of driver illness or equipment breakdown.

Each employee is highly accountable in his or her job. Drivers are highly trained and experienced professionals at handling time sensitive as well as temperature-controlled loads. There is always some ongoing training program for drivers, shop maintenance personnel, as well as office staff on the newest and best way to perform their duty. The driver pay scale is ranked among the top five in the country, with incentives for safe driving, as well as on time pick up and delivery.

TransAm is constantly looking for new and better ways to identify and meet the customers needs while living by three important rules, do what is right, treat people like we want to be treated, and do the best job that we can!