Advanced Communication Inc


Advanced Communication Inc (ACI) is a specialist in telecommunications infrastructure serving companies in the broadband and wireless communications industries, as well as government facilities, across the country. ACI provides end-to-end services to design, engineer, build, install, maintain and repair a diverse range of communication networks. ACI do all of this consistently on-time and on-budget and this has made ACI a valuable, single-source partner for some of the nation's most respected companies in these dynamic, rapidly evolving industries.
ACI has the expertise, human capital and resources to design, engineer, build, install and maintain complete broadband and wireless communication networks. 20+ years of hands-on experience, along with the driven attitude towards customer service and continual workforce training, ACI has set the standard for the industry. ACI is positioned as a unique, value added strategic partner.
ACI provides many services such as broadband, wireless and government. Every project starts with planning. At ACI the clientsÂâ€Ã¢„¢ requirements are analyzed. Then ACI engineers and develop highly detailed designs for the proposed network. ACI specializes in the construction and installation of coaxial and fiber optic systems for voice, video and data networks. ACI has got the experience, the knowledge and the resources to build and install networks of any size.
With new challenges and opportunities arising within the wireless communications arena every day, having a knowledgeable partner is invaluable to success. ACI specializes in the construction and installation of fiber optic systems for wireless networks. ACI is also a leader in providing on-time, on-budget, and end-to-end implementation solutions for governmental communication networks.
ACI continually evaluate the potential of emerging technologies and set standards for their applied usage in serving their client in a much better way.