Alpenrose Dairy Inc


Alpenrose Dairy Inc is a dairy with its uniqueness. With one of the most unique company campuses ever created Alpenrose goes way beyond being just a dairy.
Pasturelands once stretched west of Portland between Hillsdale and Beaverton. Due to population growth and commercial production, times have changed. Alpenrose Dairy, Inc. on Shattuck Road stands as a reminder of quieter days. Of this once thriving pastoral dairy community, Alpenrose is the only survivor, and it has developed into much more than a dairy. In the nineteenth century the rolling hillsides of southwest Portland were dotted with dairies largely operated by Swiss immigrants. One of these pioneer dairy men was Florian Cadonau, who in 1891, owned a dairy farm near what is now Southwest Thirty-fifth and Vermont, and began delivering milk in three-gallon cans by horse drawn wagon to a restaurant in downtown Portland.
Milk is one of the best sources of calcium and an excellent source of vitamin D, which helps body absorb the calcium and being the wholesome food Milk has got many benefits on health. Alpenrose Dairy brings a full line of Cultured Products, Fluid Milk and its product, Ice Cream, and Eggs. Alpenrose Dairy is a reputed Dairy of its kind and well known for its quality product, infrastructure, campuses and many more.
Alpenrose Dairy products are easily available at the fine markets like: Albertson's, QFC, Plaid Pantry, Thriftway, and ZupanÂâ€Ã¢„¢s and also the independent markets like, Danielson's Fresh Marketplace, Hank's, New Seasons Market, Wizer's Fine Foods.
Alpenrose Dairy has a rich heritage in the Portland Community. The entry of Carl Cadonau, Jr., Randall Cadonau, and Roderick Birkland into the business marks the fourth generation of the Cadonau family active in Alpenrose Dairy and Dairyland.