American Distribution Centers Inc.


American Distribution Centers Inc. (ADC) is dedicated to provide warehousing, distribution, and logistics services to its clients. For more than 25 years, ADC has expanded and enhanced the professional services and provides to meet the changing needs of the customers, the economy and the world ADC lives in. ADC work to understand the client needs, develop a customized plan, and monitors results on a daily basis, so that the customers could focus on their core business.
American Distribution Centers Inc is located in Salt Lake City, Utah; it is called the "Crossroads of the West." ADCÂâ€Ã¢„¢s strategic location is centrally located to be accessed from all the major western markets and provides many unique transportation advantages.
ADC is ISO 9002 Certified and is professional with using advanced technology. ADC has flexibility related to work with customers and the quality affects directly to the successful business. ADC is dedicated in providing warehousing, transportation management, and logistics services to the clients.
ADC has two types warehousing services; public and on contract basis.
ADC's logistics and services include in a public warehousing services are pick and pack, cross docking, pallet exchange program, kitting, consolidation services, assembly, etc. With this service, ADC gets some benefits and facilitates the organization to get into a new business, market, or channel of distribution quickly with a limited outlay of cash.  ADC provides a short-term commitment and helps to reduce inventory management and transportation management costs. ADC offers flexibility to scale up or down as the business cycle fluctuates. The second one is the contract warehousing which offers the most efficient option for customers with steady, long-term warehousing needs.
ADC's Transportation Management services include regional and long-haul truck load, local delivery, consolidated billing which improves customer service and reduces cycle time and product landed cost and offers proactive management of all modes of transportation. ADC utilizes powerful, convenient, and proven systems.
Goal of ADC's is to help its customers with improved quality of service and with lesser rates. ADC aspires to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction in providing warehousing, distribution and logistics services to its clients.