Anderson Rentals Inc


Anderson Rentals Inc (ARI) supplies the sanitation needs to make the occasion a memorable and successful affair. ARI has used events equipped with the proper sanitation equipment and services would let people to spend more time and money at an event. It accepts special occasion orders.  

Owned by the 2nd generation of family, ARI operates portable sanitation company offering services throughout the East Coast and Central Florida areas. ARI provides customers a variety of choices and rates based upon the services and equipment as and when needed.  

ARI is equipped with standard venting, urinals, spring loaded doors and inside latches – these are the perfect solution for smaller events or large locations where unit needs to be distributed for easy access. Convenient features include a hand sanitizer, a courtesy mirror, coat hook, and vanity shelving. Rental includes delivery, set-up with chemical and toilet paper and removal of the unit. These restrooms can be equipped with optional sinks with water supply or with a waterless hand cleaner dispenser. Handicap accessible restrooms provide a larger interior for standard wheelchair maneuverability and interior side rails. For VIP functions, it is ideally designed for family accessible unit. ARI provides facilities like motion-activated light, take-a-seat spray toilet seat cleaner, three hat/coat/purse hooks, full-length wall mirror, and easy flushing commode, etc.  

There is a document prepared by FEMA for special events contingency planning to assist in planning for emergencies during special events. It works with a professional association.  

Anderson Rentals Inc developments include the use of new technologies to allow to track and route using the latest in GPS system and currently working on incorporating this information into ARI database and to have better response time on service and location questions.