Capitol Express Inc


For more than half a century, Capitol Express & Warehousing offers all truck loading and long-haul LTL carriers a very unique service.
Capitol Express Inc (CEI) is a totally into the service of LTL trucking and distribution company. Rail siding and specialized handling equipment match companies food grade warehousing operation. Capitol Express Inc service quality protects all the products and it has a reputation of maintaining it. CEI distributes glass products and containers, paper, tile, appliances, and HVAC products to name and quite a few other commodities also.
Capitol Express & Warehousing provides transportation services like LTL trucking, truckload, pool distribution, specialized equipment, power lift-gates, flatbeds, high cube trailers, low clearance straight trucks, job site delivery, early a.m. delivery, etc.
The capability of Capitol Express & Warehousing to furnish unmatched service provided by company to the dealers is outstanding. Whatever the situation is, there are staff to put best efforts to solve queries and problems. CEI equipments range from straight trucks to flatbeds, lift-gates to high cube trailers. CEIs integrated transportation and warehousing has very much improved many customers ability to meet the demands of their business.
CEI is also going to introduce online services. It will provide rate information online, track shipment, and one can clear all the queries. CEI, for warehouse is also going online. With this facility customers can make appointments, check inventory, release product, and also can ask general queries regarding warehousing.
Serving nations premier companies, CEI ensures on-time performance and customer satisfaction by using the right tool for the right job.