Columbia Dist


Columbia Distributing Company has distributed some of the best known labels in the beer, wine, and natural beverage business and is headquartered on a 14.3 acre site on Swan Island in Portland, Oregon; with branches throughout the Pacific Northwest. Portland and is now the nation's largest purveyor of micro brewed beer and the largest fine wine distributor in the Northwest. It has the largest privately owned delivery fleet of any beverage distributor in the Northwest; providing products for over 95 percent of Oregon and 89% of Washington.

In 1935 Chris Maletis, Sr. began to distribute beer and wine products in the Portland Metropolitan Tri-County area and thus was the idea of Columbia Distributing born. Ever since, it has distributed renowned brands in the beer, wine, soft drinks and natural beverages. In 1993, Ed Maletis divided the product portfolio from his brothers with the vision of creating a beverage distribution company encompassing the Pacific Northwest; retaining the craft beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverage portfolios of what was Maletis Beverage. Using capital from two companies, he simultaneously acquired the rights to Miller Brewing products in the Portland area.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s mission is to exceed customer and supplier expectations in providing a selected Mix of quality products with strong brand identity and growth potential while acting with integrity as business partners and contributing team talents for superior results. The additional 44,000 sq ft. of facilities spread throughout other locations of Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Bend, Hood River and the Oregon Coast also aid the headquarters in this customer focused intent. The Seattle facility services 13 counties out of a 356,000 square foot warehouse in Renton, Washington though all receiving is done in the Portland and Seattle facilities with cross docking and a minor amount of inventory housed in Branch locations. Because it markets to 85 percent of the Northwest Population, the company can maintain uniform distribution and pricing for retail chains

Columbia employs a fully staffed graphic design department to provide on-sight design and typesetting and this in-house department produces items such as wine lists, flyers, banners and advertisements. Beer and wine shows are conducted seasonally and these attract premium buyers in the Pacific Northwest. The company also conducts a Holiday Wine Show in Portland and Seattle, providing a preview of holiday items for the coming season apart from a 100 odd educational wait staff seminars conducted annually.