Five Star Trucking Inc.


Established in 1974, Five Star began as an irregular route contract carrier with an eight western state authority. In 1977, with new ownership leading the way, the company began its solid growth from $1.5 million to $24 million and has subsequently grown into a 48 state common and contract carrier.
The trucking company has also expanded services and is a property broker too. The continuous growth in size and respectability is credited to the pride and performance the team has displayed at all levels which has led the way to a profitable, safe and successful experience in the transportation field. Five Star has a winning team of responsible dispatchers who are in 24 hour contact with equally dependable drivers which allows the company to follow the progress of all shipments.

The company has complete Intrastate Ohio authority with proven versatility in the form of a property broker license as well. The drivers are in constant contact with the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s central dispatch enabling the future planning of the next load. The Five Star operation runs round the clock, 7 days a week and offers the services of 48Ââ€Ã¢„¢ and 53' vans and reefers. Additionally, city service as well as warehousing to accommodate customers' needs is also extended by the company.

Five Star has high quality standards and is confident of providing reliable and consistent shipping with its goal orientated team of employees who are well experienced in handling all types of freight, city operations / warehousing, consistent equipment inspection and upgrade; continual safety driver education and communication goes a long way in making sure of on time delivery and improving valuable customer service to all shippers.

Being able to provide consistent high quality service is largely dependent on the driving force of the company which is why Five Star Trucking is very selective in recruiting drivers. Good owner operators are not easily found, but loyalty is a strong point for Five Star; their service indicative of quality drivers. The last couple of years witnessed a record 70 Five Star drivers being given Professional Drivers Awards by the insurance company. The company has received Safety Awards from the Interstate Truckload Carriers Conference and its drivers receive continuing education in both Hazmat and Highway Safety; the future looks starry for Five Star Trucking, any way you look at it!