Forbes Transfer Co Inc


In the early 1920Ââ€Ã¢„¢s, Benjamin Vance Forbes had the foresight to look into the future and set the ball rolling for the foundation of a company that started from very humble beginnings and under the able leadership and dedicated efforts of succeeding three generations of Forbes grew to becoming one of the oldest and most renowned names in the trucking industry today.  Mule and wagons began pulling the load of the company when it initiated efforts and in the present day, the Forbes Transfer Company fleet consists of 41 company owned tractors as well as both 45 feet flat beds and 53 feet dry freight vans.
The primary area of operations for the company is North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland and it has common and contract authority to operate in all states east of the Mississippi River. From time to time, the company covers services to all of the states on the Eastern Seaboard as well.
The company has been providing dependable service through its Tracking and Communications Dispatch System and all the company trucks are equipped with People net Systems which allow the company to not only communicate instantaneously with drivers but to ascertain their whereabouts in real time. The Forbes Transfer Company fleet also has support systems in their operations from over 300 trailers and flat bed and well maintained dry freight vans; out of the employees, around 45 are full time owner-operators.
The company credits its employees' accomplishments and cooperation as important factors in its continued growth and success and holds fast to its objective of providing a relationship of mutual trust and respect which allows employees to attain personal satisfaction from their work and contribute to Forbes Transfer Company's growth.
The company hires the best drivers to provide competitive wages, salaries and benefits, job security and safe working conditions while encouraging open discussion of all ideas and matters of concern to employees. This keeps the employees happy as they are secure about their jobs and the management is approachable; thus, it ensures that their output on the job is also of high quality so dependable, reliable, economical, cost effective service is what Forbes Transfer Company stands for.