Indianapolis Power & Light Co


IPL's regulated subsidiary, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) was incorporated in October, 1926 and provides retail electric service to more than 460,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Indianapolis as well as portions of other Central Indiana communities surrounding Marion County.
Electric service began in Indianapolis in the 1880's which was pioneered by and developed by the predecessors to IPL. These were practical business men who thought of themselves as operating only a lighting business and their goal was to provide the public with better light at lower cost. While that basic idea has motivated the entire development of electric service in Indianapolis, IPL has grown to become more than just "the light company".
At IPL, an AES company, the principal product is electricity: they make it, ship it, sell it and customers use it. They are the pioneers of developing and delivering energy solutions and functions efficiently round the clock. IPL operates with a business philosophy rooted in getting the basics right and so have sustained a significant involvement in their communities.
The company is environment- sensitive too and while they work to create value for customers, they also strive to act in the public interest. Over the years, IPL has participated in programs to plant trees and help revive the neighborhoods. Its employees have joined other citizens in painting and weatherizing homes, in picking up trash and removing graffiti. The company and its associates are actively committed to making their communities a better place to do business and to raise a family.  The priorities are providing good jobs, economic prosperity, good schools and a better life for residents; shared by the business community and the city administration.
For over 80 years, IPL has supplied its customers with some of the lowest-cost, most reliable power in the country while providing critical economic and energy-related information and services to businesses looking to expand or relocate into the Indianapolis area. The company believes in extending to its customers the necessary help enabling them to use electricity more efficiently, save energy costs and improve productivity. In its integrity, displayed in every aspect of its work, lies the reason for success and consistent productivity levels.