Jeff Foster Trucking Inc


Jeff Foster Trucking, Inc was set up in 1981 by Jeff Foster and has grown to be a leader in the trucking industry since. Jeff Foster Trucking, Inc. is a national transportation company providing the highest quality transportation services to large and small businesses alike. Jeff Foster Trucking Inc has its corporate office located in Superior, WI.

Before he entered the trucking industry he was a salesman for a welding supply company in Duluth, Minnesota. During this time he was also a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard, and aspired to fly for the airlines. With his industrial contacts in the area Jeff was able to get started adding a truck and driver every 6 months he grew his business to 8 trucks and had to discontinue driving to concentrate on further growth of his company. The company stopped leasing its equipment to other companies when it received its operating authority in 1986. The first new flatbed trailers were purchased in 1986 and the first new Kenworth T-600 tractors followed some time later. The former Georgia Pacific (Superior Fiber Products) was purchased in 2003 which consists of 49 acres with 193,000 sq ft of storage and manufacturing space

If your product can be transported in a trailer Jeff Foster can do it. The CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s fleet includes over 180 late model tractors and more than 300 air-ride trailers of all shapes and sizes. The staff consists of transportation specialists and will move your products quickly, safely, and deliver on time. The fleet is equipped with Highway Master mobile communications and global positioning systems to provide you with up-to-the-minute information regarding your shipments. 

Company provides coverage throughout the 48 States and all Canadian provinces. You can be sure we'll be there for you. Along with the finest in high-tech computer systems, EDI capabilities, and electronic billing, Jeff Foster Trucking is truly your full service transportation company.

The policy of the company is to always perform each job and service in complete conformance with standards that are consistent with the best in the industry. This policy means Jeff Foster Trucking, Inc. intends to give the kind of service to customers that they deserve.