Jet Delivery Inc


Jet Delivery was founded in October 15, 1950 by James F. Zahner with the capital raised after the sale of a used Maytag washing machine.  It was initially located on Venice and Main Street in Los Angeles, CA.  The first vehicles used were a 1932 Ford Model B, a 1934 Ford Sedan, an Indian motorcycle with a sidecar and a Cushman motorcycle. 


Jet Delivery Inc provides different services. Medical emergencies require the utmost care and attention simply because there is no margin for error. Jet Delivery provides these services under the name of White Glove Service. As soon as these shipments are entered into JetÂâ€Ã¢„¢s system, they are routed to a specific individual who then continuously monitors the shipment until the customer knows it has been delivered. Small trucks and vans are primarily used for this type of shipment; however depending on the circumstances Jet Delivery may be able to accommodate larger vehicles.


The signature service at Jet Delivery allows the pick-up and delivery of your intra-city cartage, usually in less than three hours from the time the order is placed.  All immediate orders are considered priority by the dispatch department, and are designated to the nearest agent promptly.


Jet Delivery can move your time-sensitive materials via the commercial airlines. For longer distances, with a proximity to major airports on both ends. This option is often faster and more cost effective than ground expedite.


Customers who need their package delivered by the end of the day have the option to use the discounted daily service at Jet Delivery, Inc.  This service provides intra-city cartage with pick-up and delivery in less than six-hours.


Today, Jet Delivery has one-hundred-and-fifty plus employees processing over seven hundred daily shipments across the Continental United States, with vehicles designed to meet all shipping needs.