Messinger Trucking & Warehouse Corp


Since 1923, Messinger Trucking and Warehouse Corp. (MTWC) is servicing the greater New York metropolitan area and is a family owned and operated business specializing in the handling and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals with over 300,000 square foot facility conveniently located by Port Newark and the New Jersey.


MTWC maintains all Federal, State and City required permits including Risk Management Permit (RMP) and DPCC/DCR plans and additionally the workforce are all HMF-126 certified and has undergone required regress training courses.


MTWC are proud members of Council of Chemical Logistics Providers, International Warehouse and Logistics Association, New Jersey Oil and Chemical Association, Chemical Club of Philadelphia, Baltimore Chemical Association, Sales Association of the Chemical Industry.


MTWC has facility as per international standards. MTWC thrives for customer satisfaction with adequate service.  MTWC has computerized inventory to control and to keep track of incoming, outgoing and returned products. MTWC maintains a detailed monthly reports as well as time status reports to ensure accurate and speedy order fulfillment.


MTWC provides top quality services to the chemical industry since 1987 to all type of organizations which includes UPS Supply Chain, D.H. Litter, E.G. & G., Mitusi Chemical Corporation, OCE USA, Basic Chemical Corporation, MOL, All Chem Industries, and Filo Chemical.


MTWC Services includes warehousing and trucking; deliveries of hazardous materials within the New York metropolitan area, as well as interlining throughout the country. It has separate storage areas and it keeps separate storage areas for flammables, corrosives, poisons, oxidizers, in-home consumer delivery, pick & pack- unlike other warehouses, Pick & Pack is no problem for MTWC.


MTWC State of the Art inventory control system makes it simple to maintain a proper inventory, regulatory compliance service which represents Messinger Trucking and Warehouse in all customer compliance needs.