Poulin Grain Inc.

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A.J. Poulin started selling Bull Brand Feeds, from 1932, a fundamental year in Poulin Grain's narration. These feeds were warehoused on his own farm in Newport Center, Vermont. Poulin Grain is a fourth generation, Vermont family owned and operated company, specializing in high quality dairy, equine, pet and livestock feeds with facilities in Newport and Swanton, Vermont and in Canton, New York. The Poulin family takes great pride in the company's history and company has an obsession and commitment for delivering quality products and services to customers.

Poulin Grain specializes in unique feeding needs and the product description or more information about Poulin Grain. Company has a strong, competent work force Value-added product and services, company think about their customers, and a strong sense of teamwork, Poulin Grain is made up of people who really care about exactly what they do.

Company feeds like: Free choice vitamin and mineral fortification to supplement pasture and forage. A pelleted feed formulated to support maintenance and health. Pellet formulated specifically to supply added nutrients and energy for growth and pregnancy.

Poulin Grain, Inc. has always been dedicated to supplying customers with products that are wholesome and safe. In an effort toward the prevention of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), often referred to as Mad Cow Disease, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is enforcing strong restrictions on the use of ruminant protein products (CFR Part 589.2000) and the transportation of livestock. Poulin Grain is in complete compliance and supports all of these guidelines. Company quality guarantee policies reflect the restrictions enforced by the FDA.

FCI was created with the mission of certifying feed mills, utilizing trained professional inspectors, informing the public of the advantages of certification and most importantly, helping the feed industry establish firewalls to prevent BSE from entering the country. As part of their dedication to the limitations on ruminant protein products, Poulin Grain has voluntarily enrolled in a third party compliance program with the FCI.

When customer purchase their livestock feed from Poulin Grain, customer can be guarantee to receiving a safe and quality product. This program benefits both the feed industry and consumers largely.