Sandridge Food Corp.


Sandridge Food Corporation was founded in 1965 that Vincent R. Sandridge started the journey it has resulted in what is known presently as the Sandridge Food Corporation. The Sandridge Food Corporation of today is an original fresh refrigerated foods manufacturer and its specialize in growing sales and profits for customers by blending the complexity of state-of-art manufacturing plant with the talents of people. This blend of technology and talent enables Sandridge Food Corporation to give a large collection of refrigerated foods to the ever changing, always demanding consumers. 

Sandridge Food Corporation gives Refrigerated Foods, Refrigerated Salads and Fresh Prepared Foods, like it has a large variety of refrigerated salads, fresh soups, potato salad, pasta salads and other fresh prepared foods. Sandridge Food Corporation is dedicated to delivering regular quality, great taste, variety and value in the fresh ready foods industry.  

If their showcased in customer hometown, corner store deli or wide supermarket.... served alongside customer lightly-grilled picnic favorites or existing on fine dinnerware at a stylish restaurant... Sandridge Gourmet Salads can contain in every occasion.  As the "hallmark of salads", this line is designed with a taste and quality that exceeds every customer's needs. Soups... still a hot subject.  Sandridge Soups are a refrigerated, ready-to-serve convenience for customer and made with cooking craftsmanship, Sandridge Soups are slowly simmered for a rich, fresh taste in each serving.   

At Sandridge Food Corporation they are dedicated to delivering regular quality, great taste, variety and value. From 30 years of experience, company is ready to assist customer meet the demands of consumers by demanding standards...every plant employee is a quality-trained associate and as a result, the standards established by Research and Development team are maintained in each aspect of the manufacturing process.  

Food safety is the key to good business and selling insecure foods can cause illness, lost sales and lost customers. Producing safe foods and implementing strict systematic guidelines for monitoring deli systems can be controlled by following a HAACP programin the deli.  

For customer business partner, Sandridge Food Corporation provides deli with easy tofollow guidelines to help customer implement a HAACP program.