A. H. Harris & Sons Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

A. H. Harris & Sons Inc offers standard fabricated bars from basic black bar, galvanized bar or epoxy coated or pre-fabricated assemblies from A-706 weld able grade reinforcing steel.  

A. H. Harris & Sons Inc Corporation (formerly MacFarlane Steel) has been offering service and product to the Northeastern states for 20 years. HarMac fabricates reinforcing steel for commercial, industrial, high rise buildings, heavy construction infrastructure projects, and complex precast and tilt-up application. There is joint venture between AH Harris & Sons and MacFarlane Steel. Joint venture has expanded and grown to meet customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s needs.  

A H Harris & Sons Inc products includes forming, Geosynthetics, concrete repair and restoration, thermal & moisture protection, masonry and equipment. Forming system for every application involves large crane-set, forming applications contain Symons Max-A-Form and Versiform with forming curved walls like Symons Flex Form. PolySteel which is an insulated concrete forming system lowers heating and cooling costs, increases fire protection and reduces noise levels, ties and brackets for job-built forming, form release, curing compounds, concrete placement tools and personal safety and protection items. Geotextiles provides solution to civil engineering issues and contains woven and non-woven fabrics separation, stabilization, reinforcement and drainage. It improves roadways with prolonged serviceability. It uses geotextiles to construct retaining walls as a filter for subsurface drainage and for erosion control applications.  

Parking decks, water treatment plants, schools, bridges, dams, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and the need for maintaining concrete structures and prolonging their serviceable life is everywhere and constantly growing. Harris symbolizes the leading manufacturers in the concrete repair and restoration industry and the account managers have the technical expertise like waterproofing membranes for bridge decks and parking structures, drainage products for foundations, basements and retaining walls, coatings waterproof and protect concrete, joint sealers, insulation and flashing. Thermal and moisture protection products extend the life of concrete structures. It stands for the leading manufacturers for basic masonry materials as well as masonry restoration and cleaning.  

A. H. Harris uses a variety of light-to-medium duty construction equipment. A.H. Harris has many vendors.  

A. H. Harris & Sons Inc continues their growth and diversification well into the new millennium by offering innovative solutions and services to customers and tries to maintain the trust and confidence of customers and treats customers fairly and deliver a quality product in a timely manner.