Abita Springs Water Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Abita Springs Water Company is one of the largest bottled water suppliers in the southeastern United States. Over a very short period, the small bottled water company that served a few hundred households along the Gulf Coast is now delivering to tens-of-thousands of customers throughout a four-state region.  

Abita Springs Water Company was founded after 20th century. The owners bought the springs in the early 1900s and began bottling and selling the water.

There are four types of Abita Springs Water.  They are Artesian Spring, Distilled Water, Fluoridated Water and eVamor. Artesian Spring is used in homes and offices everywhere. Cool, mineral-rich and 100 percent natural from the Abita aquifer 1,800 feet beneath the earth. To produce distilled water, artesian water is heated into steam, which is a purified product. The minerals are left behind and the steam is condensed for a pure, mineral-free distilled product. For fluoridated water, very small amounts of high-quality fluoride are added. This raises the fluoride content by 78 percent. eVamor is artesian water with a unique and natural blend of antioxidant and fat burning minerals.

The company provides 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles that are easy to replace, easy to store, and giving the best possible value.

There is a huge demand from people for Abita Springs Water to their homes and offices. To help meet the demand, company is constructing a new 112,000-square-feet bottling facility a few miles west of Abita Springs that will allow to double their production capacity. Home and office delivery of our water is an important part of the personalized attention we provide our customers.

The company believes in good health, and water plays very important role for maintaining a good health for every living being. Company takes each and every possible care for providing healthy water for drinking.