Agbest Cooperative Inc


AgBest offers to help customer with problem solutions in agriculture, safety environmental, global positioning systems, farm computer software, petroleum, etc by phone or Internet.  

The risk management department assists with company safety, farm safety, environmental issues, federal regulations and state regulations that affect the AgBest agriculture community. Some services provided by the department are consultation, soil and water sampling, and environmental site assessments phased differently; Phase I, II & III.  

AgBest branch offices are located in all the northern, eastern, and western part of United States. AgBest also serves the east central Indiana area with quality service. Co-op Petroleum product provides lot of other kind of petroleum products, which contains home heat, agricultural, commercial products.  

Home heat products include propane, fuel oil and 1-k kerosene. Agricultural product contains super diesel x-4, etc. and commercial product consists of road diesel, propane, etc.

AgBest provides transport or tank truck quantities plus a complete line of lubricants formulated for gasoline and diesel engines. Country mark diesel products help to keep farm communities rolling. From Diesel-R to the premium Super Dieselex-4, its blends help producers get the most from their farm equipment, whether it be for on-road or on-farm. Country mark diesel fuels are raising the standards to achieve excellence. AgBest Super Dieselex-4 has a 20% higher cetane index than the standard industry diesel fuel.  Also the Premium Diesel-R has a better cetane rating than other fuels in its grade. This gives peak performance whether itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s farming or driving down the highway.  

Great performance for farming equipment has been made available for day to day grocery getter. Country mark's unleaded blends are designed to deliver top performance for all types of automobiles.
AgBest Co-op Ninety Plus has been designed to perform even in older vehicles that require a hard working fuel to be at its best. AgBest unleaded mixes are designed to be efficient, economical, and ecological. AgBest Co-op furnace oil fuel products help to keep home warm in the depths of winter.   

AgBest takes pride in providing top quality fuel oils that fits customer needs.