Anderson Brothers Construction Co Inc.


Anderson Brothers Construction Co Inc. founded in 1940, by John and Arthur Anderson.  Company has become recognized as a premier builder of municipal, commercial and private infrastructure. Anderson Brothers have worked hard to start this reputation by concentrating on construction excellence and dedicated to their customers. Company has proven history with sixty-five years of experience in design-build, material resource management, quality control and product performance testing to ensure the highest possible level of construction craftsmanship.
Company provides a good quality product at a competitive cost to their customer and built their business upon the value of reliability, accountability and a long-term vision, recognizing the importance of customer service and a respect for the environment. The entire team at Anderson Brothers is committed to helping effectively plan, manage and build customer next project.
Company driveways are constructed for stability, minimum maintenance and aesthetics. Customer driveway is the first thing guests see as an important part of landscape in complementing customer home and its location. Company identify the specific needs and their experienced project managers will gives customer with a driveway that is both low in maintenance and corresponding to home and surrounding landscape. Anderson Brothers' asphalt driveways provide the right flexibility to best deal with the violence of Minnesota summer heat and winter cold.   
The UNI Eco-Stone Paving System is an original, environmentally beneficial asphalt road designed to decrease rainstorm water excess through penetration. If customer installed, the unique patented design creates drainage openings in the concrete surface, which facilitate rainwater access. UNI Eco-Stone provides a highly durable, permeable asphalt road capable of sustaining vehicular loads.
Company creates a driveway or parking lot to meet all of customer design and environmental concerns with UNI Eco-Stone paver brick and replicating the warmth and beauty of hand laid brick. Anderson Brothers provides a full range of products including: Class Five and Six Gravel Base - a high quality aggregate providing maximum base support for driveway, road and parking lot construction. Class One Aggregate Shouldering gives constancy and support to asphalt roadways and limiting maintenance costs.
Anderson Brothers actively employs recycling techniques to minimize environmental waste and control customer costs for materials. Their recycling hard work is presently in force on two fronts: Concrete Recycling producing a finely crushed and high quality aggregate is suited to asphalt mixtures.