Arbor Acres Division of Aviagen Inc.


Aviagen is the world's largest poultry breeding company and having a number of completely owned operations across Europe and the USA and joint ventures in Europe, Latin America, South Africa and Asia, Aviagen is the world head in poultry breeding. Company increasing pedigree lines for the production of broiler chickens and turkeys, Aviagen Group also encompasses CWT, a broiler hatching egg supplier based in Georgia, USA.

Company presently delivers day old broiler chick and turkey grandparent and parent stock to 250 poultry producers in 85 countries. Aviagen takes its responsibility in the food chain sincerely and realizes that keeping pathogens out of the food chain begins with the primary breeder. Investment in feed processing facilities for the heat treatment of feed ensures an important decline in the exposure of breeding flocks to the risk of infection from feed-borne pathogens.

Aviagen invests about 10 percent of income yearly in research focused on delivering continuous, balanced progress of accessible product lines and on developing new products to get changing customer needs. The application and integration of novel techniques and new technologies, continuous progress in the right balance of reasonably advantageous qualities is made, while at the same time delivering standards of health, food safety and welfare. 

Aviagen was the first primary breeding company to develop the lixiscope, a hand held, real time x-ray device, in selecting for skeletal leg strength, and more recently has been novel in adapting radio transponder and weighing technology to gather information on feeding behavior and feed conversion. With significant dedicated in the distribution chain, Aviagen is more directly concerned with their customers, sharing specialist technical and product support more extensively and enabling a quicker response to customer requirements and customer demands.

Aviagen has more than 150 production facilities in the USA and across Europe and a constant investment programmed ensures with modern facilities, built to the highest standards, continue to include the latest equipment and systems technology in systems.

Company dedicates to customers is to supply products that deliver value and through regular customer visits, and annual workshops and seminars, their technical development and operations teams share their knowledge and experience gained from the different production environments around the world.