Bandera Trucking Co.


Bandera Drilling Company was founded in October 1975 by Ray and Ann Brazzel in Abilene, Texas. Ray started working in the oil field in 1956 Ray and Ann Brazzel in Abilene, Texas formed in Abilene, Texas formed learning all facets of operation. Ann was an elementary school teacher who learned office management through trial and error.

Bandera was drilling wells in West Texas for several companies. And during this time a trucking operation was started which grew to a fleet of 22 trucks. Ray also formed partnerships establishing fourteen oil related corporations. From 1975-1982 a total of nine rigs were acquired and manufactured.

Nowadays, Bandera is a strong company continuing to give unique services throughout West Texas. Bandera has a reputation for safety, service, reliability and quality throughout the oil industry. Setting safety records within the company and receiving industry wide recognition by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) with awards for excellence in protection are honors employees have come to expect. The victorious drilling of over 3800 wells in 74 Texas counties speaks to Bandera's reputation and expertise.

Bandera employees participate in industry organizations serving as officers, board members, committee members, guest speakers and advisors. This participation profits the company as a whole and promotes the family environment which makes Bandera truly exclusive

Bandera crews are experienced and well qualified to achieve capably in the field. All crews have B.O.P. Certified members and H2S and Multimedia First Aid is trained and certified to all crewmembers. Drug screening is required of all applicants and all employees are tested randomly. Company rigs are equipped with a TV/VCR unit and a safety film and video library. Bandera operates 4 rigs with 8500' capacity and one rig with 10,000' capacity.

A company fleet consists of 13 rig moving trucks and 19 trailers. Their equipment is maintained according to DOT regulations and the high standards set by Bandera management. The appearance and presentation of the fleet is a direct reflection of each driver's pride.

Company utilizing the expertise from last 100 years of oil field moving experience along with their employees, Bandera has an excellent reputation for good organization. Satisfying the customer and landowner with well-planned and executed rig moves is Bandera's primary target.