Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co Inc.


Barstow Truck Parts and Equipment Co., Inc. began as Barstow Steel Company was established in 1957, by Mike Rajacich. In 1968 Barstow Steel Company was renamed and incorporated as Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc. Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc. is one of the largest military surplus yards in the western United States, selling to customers throughout the world.
This company is not limited to providing military surplus for sale company sells heavy equipment (loaders, dozers, backhoes, excavators, etc.), commercial trucks, commercial trailers, railroad equipment, material handling equipment, (shears, crushers, etc.), engines, transmissions and tires. Company provides all good quality equipments to customer.
Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc. continues to be a family owned and operated business. Jim remains heavily involved in all management and workings of the company. Jim's son, James has been active in selling and buying for the company and continues to learn the operations to help the company developed. Barstow Trucks Parts is dedicated to serving the customer, in every way possible and have provided easy-to-use online form to help customer in contacting.
Mike and his wife Dorothy moved their young family to Barstow, California in 1947, where Mike was employed with AT&SF Railway. Mike and Dorothy had four children: (from oldest to youngest) Jim, Marsha, Joan and Grover. From the start of Barstow Steel Company's operation, Mike, Dorothy, and all four of the Rajacich children were deeply concerned in recycling steel and other materials in their business.
Mike's eldest son Jim was appointed President of the new corporation and remains active in this position. Marsha is qualified with setting up and organizing the huge work area, which by then was full of military vehicles and surplus. Joan decided on a different career and became a doctor. Grover unfortunately passed away at the age of 17, and was not able to see the company's change to Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc.