McCarthy Improvement Co


McCarthy has been profound highway contractor specializing in concrete and asphalt paving.
McCarthy was started in 1897 by Patrick F. McCarthy, an immigrant from Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland, and was initially named McCarthy Stone Company. This company was incorporated and was renamed McCarthy Improvement Company in 1903. McCarthy Improvement continues to pave airports and interstates in the Midwest, southeast and southwest. Domestically, it has expanded to meet a growing commercial market with specialized paving needs.  McCarthy continues to pursue the visionary outlook that made Patrick McCarthy's dreams mature.
Mccarthy Improvement Co offers services in paving, survey, commercial, streetprint, QC\QA, milling, etc. McCarthy is specialized in both concrete and asphalt paving. Based on partnering and quality, McCarthy has worked throughout the country paving roads, runways and other large surfaces.  It has worked on paving projects and continues to look for innovative techniques and equipment to meet the needs of evolving industry.
McCarthy Improvement provides a full-service surveying department. The survey team is available for both commercial and industrial projects. Surveying services include site layout, roadway staking and referencing land section markers. In the local Quad-Cities and surrounding areas, McCarthy Improvement pursues commercial paving projects. It provides a unique decorative paving product called StreetPrint, which is both textured and colored asphalt. This product is ideal for enhancing commercial properties as well as the look of individual homes. It also offers a new custom logo that was designed to work with local D.A.R.E. programs.
Complete quality testing is available for both concrete and asphalt projects. McCarthy is totally committed to maintaining the highest level of expertise in this area with a focus on continued education and training.  Milling service is available for both concrete and asphalt surfaces.