Corrpro Companies Inc


The company is headquartered in Medina, Ohio with offices worldwide and is a leading provider of corrosion control engineering services, systems and equipment to the infrastructure, environmental and energy markets around the world. Corrpro is the leading provider of cathodic protection systems and engineering services as well as a supplier of corrosion protection services relating to coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures.

The company has shown steady growth through internal expansion and strategic acquisitions and now comprises business units like Basco, Ocean City Research, Consulex, Cathodic Protection Services (CPS), Corrosion Engineering & Research Co., PSG Corrosion Engineering, Harco Arabia, Harco de Mexico, Good-All Electric, Corrpro Canada, Inc.,  Falcon Line, Corrpro Companies Europe, Ltd., Corrpro Waterworks (Harco/CPS), Wilson Walton, Westcor, Harco Pacific.

The company provides a wide array of corrosion protection sources for all types of structures that are available in our diverse environment worldwide. It has a large group of dedicated corrosion control professionals, specialized research and testing laboratories, along with an extensive materials production facility; equipping the firm to meet all possible corrosion-related need. So the client is assured of receiving innovative and economical long-term solutions for their individual corrosion problems.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s sales and operations facilities are based in Atlanta, Cleveland and Phoenix and these strive constantly to provide superior customer service throughout the country. Corrpro also provides a wide range of coating-related services: engineering for coating system selection, inspection, research into novel coating formulations, evaluation techniques as well as an array of products and services for the concrete market, including ELGARDTM Catalyzed Titanium Anode Mesh & Ribbon, Reference Electrodes for system monitoring, Rectifiers, Remote Control and monitoring systems, Corrosion engineering analysis of structures, System Engineering and design, Installation and/or installation supervision, Project management, Sacrificial Anodes, Thermally Sprayed Titanium.

The company offers integrity services to reform and keep pipelines in top condition as it offers a range of services; from internal and external inspections to the construction and implementation of onsite programs; apart from specialized research and consulting engineering services in various areas of corrosion technology performing studies for clients in the aerospace, defense, marine, chemicals and utilities industries using its broad industry based experience. A company that works dedicatedly through it services and products, all directed toward the preservation of energy resources, infrastructure and environment: Corrpro!