Metal Culverts Inc


Metal Culverts Inc. is a manufacturer of galvanized metal pipe and accessories.
Metal Culverts Inc corporate headquarter is located in Jefferson City, Missouri, comprising administrative, personnel, and accounting functions, Metal Culvert also has six production plants located in Jefferson City throughout.
Metal Culverts Inc. manufactures both helical loc-seam and annular riveted corrugated metal pipe in a 2-2/3" x 1/2" and 3" x 1" corrugations in a range of sizes from 12" through 120" diameter. Metal Culverts have arching and coating facilities to enhance the basic product for special application use. Metal Culverts spiral mills and riveting lines enables to meet every desire for diameter, gauge, and length requirements. Metal Culverts has in-house capabilities for special fabrication of beveled end treatments, pond structures, elbows, tees, storm water retention/detention structures, slotted drain, diaphragms, and connecting bands. All pipes are produced from aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, or aluminized type II steel that can have an additional bituminous or polymeric protective coating. Each of Metal Culverts facilities has company-owned delivery trucks and trailers which allow to meet the specific delivery requirements of each customer.
Each of Metal Culverts divisions are dedicated to provide a full line of quality drainage products to a customer base including governmental agencies (States, Counties, Townships, Cities), private sector construction contractors, retail dealers, industrial concerns, and private developers. Metal Culverts Inc products contain corrugated metal pipe, structural plate, fabrication, and accessory highway products, corrugated metal pipe have features annular riveted, bituminous coated/paved invert, pipe arch, plain galvanized steel, accessory highway products contains metal end sections, safety slope end sections, water control/flood gates, sheet piling, gabions, geotextile fabrics, and insertion culvert liners, etc.
Metal Culverts Inc provides quality in products with best service.