Dairy Fresh Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

Lem and Aubrey Morrison were brothers who saw an opportunity to purchase a milk receiving facility in Greensboro, Alabama in 1942.  The brothers saw the need for a local facility where area farmers could deliver their raw milk that could be collected and distributed to other dairy processing firms.  They named the operation Morrison Brothers and purchased it for a price of four thousand dollars.  The Morrison Brothers operation received Grade A milk for distribution to bottling plants in Mobile, Birmingham, and Montgomery while continuously seeking out new dairy processing facilities to supply their milk. Then in 1950 a competitor in Mobile was ready to sell their operation that presented an excellent opportunity for expansion and the brothers purchased Dairy Fresh for fifty-five thousand dollars.  The Dairy Fresh brand name was well known in the area and had great marketing potential in other areas.  To this point, over fifty percent of the milk processed and sold through Dixie Dairies was to military facilities.  Dixie Dairies, Blackbelt Creamery, and Dairy Fresh were consolidated in 1951 to become the Dairy Fresh Corporation known far and wide today.

Today Dairy Fresh Corporation has approximately 700 employees located in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana where Dairy Fresh products are sold.  The Corporation has itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s headquarters in Greensboro, Alabama, the place it was founded.  Dairy Fresh in the only independently owned milk processing company in Alabama, procuring raw milk supplies from 190 dairymen and 2 milk cooperatives.  The Company remains a significant milk processor in the Southeast with annual sales in excess of 200 million dollars.

The list of products that Dairy Fresh Corp has to offer includes; Ice Cream,  that includes Dairy Fresh and Nestle brands; Dairy products are the heart and soul of Dairy Fresh that the company has been producing for half a century.

Dairy Fresh Corp has come a long way from uniting the Dairy farmers of the country in producing and supplying dairy products to the country. There are dedicated to servicing the country and the dairy farmers as a whole. With the high standards practiced by the company today they are set to lead the industry for many more years to come.